Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Table of Contents with Bonus Kaito

I'm a Twenty-something girl from Finland. You can call me Spica~ <3

This blog will be about me and my life, hobbies and all kinds of mad and surreal stuff I come up or across with~ I appreciate the oddness and curiosity of this world we inhabit, mostly unseen or unnoticed by the most ordinary people. ;3

I'll blog about all the randomness that interests me, including books, games, anime, manga, figures, toy-collecting and dolls (mostly about BJDs and the Pullip-family dolls like Taeyang and Isul).
In this blog I will also occasionally post some of my drawings and comics too. Feel free to follow, comment and whatnot~

Let the mayhem that is Spicasmagoria begin~ >:-3

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