Sunday, April 29, 2012

Easter 2012 with Xavier and Ponies!

Ok, so Easter 2012 came and went but here are some piccies to remember it by~

Xavier, my DikaDoll Autumn BJD doll has received a huge surprise egg to celebrate the occasion!

Xav: *begins to open the egg* I thought I heard some noise coming from inside of this egg!? What if there aree living easter chicks inside?!

Xav: …but O___O How is this possible?!

Xav: Ponies!? Hatching from an egg?! And these ponies aren’t even pegasi but plain ordinary ponies too…

Ponies: GASP! Air!! Finally!

Spica: I wonder if you could call this immaculate procreation – ponies hatching from eggs… No wonder there are not so many male My Little Ponies… (and I don’t think the Generation 3 ponies had any boys for that matter!)

Xavier: Look at me, I must have a natural talent in animal-taming, they are already eating from my hand.

Spica: These are G3 Easter ponies – the yellow one is called Gigglebean (what a ludicrous name… pffft.) and the pink is Sunshine Parade. <3 I love them. BTW, I mainly collect ponies that have something to do with a certain holiday (like Easter or Christmas), male ponies and ponies that have a star-related thing on their cutie mark.

Xavier really knows how to handle animals.

Happy Easter everyone! It’s finally spring, let’s enjoy it together with our small friends, be it dolls, ponies …or yellow, fluffy chicks.

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