Friday, January 8, 2016

Liebster Award (In English)

Turre from Tursaan Puutarha-doll blog nominated me with the Liebster award! And later on NyteRaine nominated me as well so I'll answer both of their questions in this post! This morning I noticed that Fyrd had also awarded me and I want to answer her questions too but I'll make new post for them to avoid this one getting too lenghty. Thank you all! Love you guys! :)

This is the English version of this post, read the post in Finnish here. I decided that it would be easier to read if I divided the different language versions into separate posts.


Kiitos Turrelle Tursaan Puutarha-blogista Liebster Awardista! Ja hieman myöhemmin myös NyteRaine antoi tämän palkinnon minulle, joten vastaan molempien kysymyksiin tässä postauksessa. Tänä aamuna havaitsin myös Fyrdin antaneen palkinnon minulle. Haluan vastata hänenkin kysymyksiinsä, joten teen niistä uuden postauksen. Kiitos kaikille! Olette ihania! :)

Tämä on englanninkielinen versio postauksesta, lue postaus suomeksi täällä. Tällä kertaa olen vähän kokeellinen ja jaottelen suomen- ja englanninkielisen postaukset erikseen, selkeyden vuoksi.

This award is for blogs that have less than 200 followers and that the nominator thinks should be entitled to more followers

Here are the rules

1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
2. Display the Liebster Award on your blog.
3. Answer the 11 questions you were provided by the nominator.
4. Nominate 5 to 11 blogs that have less than 200 followers.
5. Post 11 questions for your nominees to answer on their blogs.
6. Post the rules of the award on your blog.
7. Contact the people you nominated and link back to your post, so that they know what the award is all about and that they've been nominated.

~Here we go!~

Turre's Questions

1. Did you make any new year's resolutions concerning the doll hobby or collecting?
Well, not as a resolution per se, but in my mind I've decided I should take things a little more relaxed. I should let myself enjoy dolls and collecting and not think too much.

Maybe try my hand at face-ups again?

2. Your plans for the year 2016 concerning your IRL life?
Go swimming more often! Maybe try winter swimming/ice swimming (when the temperature rises a little, it's arctic here in Finland right now!)? Not making any promises on that one though!
Draw more! Finish my sculptures!

3. What are you going to buy for yourself next (other things than hobby-related)?
Probably some clothes. I need a new white dress shirt and some sharp black dress pants. And because it has suddenly turned freezingly cold here in Finland, I'll need to buy some warm clothing.
I'll see if the sales offer something useful. I especially have my eye on a specific chest of drawers that I'd like to get and use as a bed side table.

4. What image do you use as the wallpaper on your cellphone?
Nendoroid Noiz for the lock-screen and Foxball face as a wallpaper to brighten up my day! :'D
I used to have a picture of Kogitsunemaru-scale figure I took at Wonfes as a wallpaper. I like trying out different wallpapers but I rarely change them because I grow so fond of the pictures. :D
I currently have Samsung GalaxyS6 and I'm totally in love with it! <3 Regards, Machine-Empath Spica.
5. Have you fulfilled your childhood dreams?
Well, let's see, childhood dreams...
- Become a horse or a dog? - Failed.
- Own a lot of horses and dogs? Or at least one horse and many dogs. - Working on it.
- Lead an Indiana Jones -style life? - ... ... ...I'd like to say working on it? At least I can translate multiple ancient languages and have worked on an archaelogic excavation site (which in most parts is not as adventurous as it sounds like). :P
- Become a pirate? - Being a pirate nowadays is not what I imagined it would be when I was a kid. So I gave up on the dream.
- Become a werewolf? - ... ... ...Still waiting to get bitten by a sire-werewolf.
- Travel a lot - This is sort of a yes and no. I've travelled abroad at least once a year. Maybe I should use the funds that go to dolls on traveling more often? Traveling is the best thing I know. Next to owning a dog. And these two clash a little.
- Have a big bookshelf for my books and comic collection. - Achieved! (just to name a dream that came true, mwahaha!) The first thing I bought when I moved to my current apartment that had enough space to host a bookshelf.

6. Did it pay off? Was it worth all that dreaming or was you mother right (about it being a silly dream? I think this was meant by the original question? It just says was your mother right..)?

I don't think my parents have been too un-supportive of my dreams if that was meant by the question?
But I don't know if my dreams were worth anything as I've yet to fulfill most of them.
Well, the bookshelf-dream was worth it! And my mum was with me when I bought it and discussed different color options etc. My dad was a little bit against it because the shelf was new and he'd rather have me spend my money on antiquities that keep their value. Now I have my bookshelf, it's the defining part of my living room and I'm most pleased with it. Although all of my books don't fit in. Uh oh.
I like to think of my dreams as more in-process. Sometimes I'm really not even sure what I want from life? Or should I *want* anything but just take what it offers?

7. What dream are you going to fulfill next? We'll take even the tiniest of dreams into account!
Hmm.. to have fun at an anime convention? I'm going to Desucon Frostbite soon. Maybe buy Nendoroid Kogitsunemaru? 

8. Are you going to the New Year sales?
Well, yeah! :) Already did yesterday. I bought an Only&Sons sweatshirt with a hand-print picture(brought the old the X-Files opening to my mind as it features a Kirlian photograph of a hand in it. I was super enthusiastic about paranormal stuff when I was a teenager so that's why I know stuff like what Kirlian photography is. ....Well, ok, I'm still interested in stuff like that. :D)
Any similarities?

 And a Selected Homme SHUConner crew neck knit. I often buy smaller sizes from the men's clothing department because I like the styles and prints. I also have a long back and arms so men's shirts usually suit me better than those made for women. 
I find that the fabrics used on men's clothing are usually of better quality than on women's. You are hard pressed to find a decent woolen knit made for women! I wonder why that is?
Oh yeah, and then I bought a Han Solo! :'D

9. Do you need a lot of time to consider when making a big decision?
Depends. Usually I already intuitively know what I should choose when faced with a situation that requires a decision to be made. At least if the decision affects just me. 
I do doubt my decisions later on and wonder if I made the right choice, though.

10. How are your first aid skills?
Uh... that reminds me, I should go to a first aid course again. It's been some time since I've received education on that department.
11. Have you ever had the need to put your first aid skills to use?
Luckily in nothing more than bandaging small injuries. 
NyteRaine's Questions
1. How did you get into your hobby?
Doll hobby: I read an article on dolls in a German anime and manga-magazine that I ordered and got interested!
Figure collecting: I loved anime and manga and wanted something tangible of my favorite characters (like Han Solo a little earlier in this post! :D)
Toy collecting: I've always liked toys and my family is a bit "toy-crazy" we all like to browse toy stores and such.
Manga, anime and games: I was originally a science fiction fan (and still am!) and I got interested in anime and manga because I saw a lot of sci-fi fans getting into them. Cowboy Bebop was the first anime where my fandom started. Akira was the first manga I read, somewhere early-to-mid-nineties. Both can be classified into the science fiction genre. 
Japanese games won me over because of their character-centric storylines. I used to play only PC games but have now almost completely turned over to console gaming... and visual novels on PC of course!
2. What got you started on blogging?
I think I answered this in depth in this post. But to put it shortly, I had always wanted to try blogging, other people in the doll hobby were doing it and it looked like fun. It's also a good way to keep a record of what you have been up to in the hobby and otherwise!
3. What is your most treasured doll/figure and why?
BJDs: Remy or Soom Teenie Gem Necy suprise ver. I've taken her with me a lot and I've just grown so fond of her. I don't know why really? She has a good aura that makes me happy. ;)
Figures: Hmmm... Nendoroid Aoba? Nendoroid Koujaku soon when he arrives! Also: my Chiral One Coin figures of Keisuke and Motomi, especially Chiral Gakuen Kurosuke (Keisuke's evil version). Because those are the characters I love. I'd really like to get a bigger figure of Togainu no Chi's Motomi. Husbando~ <3
4. Where do you get your inspirations from?
From all around me, art, books I read, things I see and hear, things I love and like. My favorite characters, shows, and games. My faith and Christianity. Also Buddhism and Shintoism as I find them both pretty interesting. Myths and legends.
5. What are the three things you love about your hobby?
1) Well, the aesthetics of dolls and figures. They are visually pleasing.
2.) The way the characters of my dolls start "living" inside my mind and it's very intriguing how they start to develop into characters almost as if they had a mind of their own.
3.) The fact that you can share the hobby with friends. :)
6. Do you feel alone in your hobby?
Not really, no. I have made wonderful dolly hobbyist friends who have awesome characters and styles and who are very supportive! Of that I'm very grateful! <3
In figure-collecting/anime/manga/whatnot - Maybe it'd be fun to have more friends who share the same fandoms and squee over the same figures etc.. But I'm very happy with the friends I have now so I'm not complaining! :)
7. Are you buying anything for your dolls/figures soon?
I bought a bunch of stuff for dolls before Christmas and am still waiting for them to arrive. So I think that the dolls can settle for those things for a while. ;)
Figures are more low-maintenance than dolls, and only require some space where to store them. I bought a new vitrine from a reduction sale for them and am still waiting for my dad or my friend to come and help me get it together.
8. What is your preference (gender and size) of your dolls/figures?
I tend to prefer male characters more so I have a majority of male dolls. My favorite sizes are either SD-dolls (60 cm and up) or YO-SD (around 26 cm).
Figures - Nendoroids and big scale figures. Also small trading figures are cute. And yes, male characters.
9. Do you see a repetitive pattern on the dolls/ figures you buy/ own (dreamy expression, big lips, and etc.)?  
Hmmm... well not really. Other than hoarding Soom Teenie Gems! Oh, and I have a soft spot for special resin colors like tan, gray and other fantasycolors.
Oh yeah and animal parts for smaller dolls! ..well I guess there are some patterns I follow after all...
I've noticed that I seem to like SD-sized male dolls that look a little sad or moody. But I try not to buy dolls that look too similar to each other.
10. What is the most important thing about your dolls/figures?
That they reflect me and my tastes, preferences and imagination? That they make me go all "ooooh how lovely this one is, I'm so happy I have this!"
11. Do you have regrets getting into your doll/figure hobby?
Sometimes. Not right now! Now I feel super inspired! But if I'm upset about something, it sometimes gets directed at dolls, emotionally. Like, I sometimes blame myself for getting a new doll just to get my mind off of something else.
But doll/figure hobby has brought so much joy in my life that I don't regret getting into them most of the time. ;)

New Questions

So now I should come up with eleven questions and nominate new blogs... First the questions!
1. Fantasy or science fiction? Or both? Or neither? (if neither what genre do you like?)
2. Who or what is your childhood hero? Do you still look up to them?
3. What fictional character do you love to hate?
4. Three things that make you happy? (or more if you get inspired!)
5. What movie/TV-show did you watch last? How did you like it?
6. Your favorite restaurant/shop? Tell us a little about it!
7. What kind of things do you keep always with you? Or do you have such things?
8. What kind of music do you listen to?
9. Do you believe in magic? (the nature of magic not defined)
10. Internet memes! Like 'em or hate 'em? Favorite/least favorite meme?
11. What do you think about tattoos? Do you have one(or more)? If you would get one what kind of    a tattoo would it be?
And the nominees are:
(You two can only answer the questions if you'd like as you've already been nominated :)

 お疲れさま ! (Otsukaresama! = Thank you for your effort! You must be exhausted! ) Thank you for reading this never-ending post through! I had fun answering the questions but I don't know if it was a pain to read! :D


  1. I'll try and get my answers posted in the next few days. However, it looks like just about everyone I could nominate has been nominated already (often more than once), so I might skip that part.

    1. No hurry! :) And feel free to skip the nominating part.

  2. Hahaha, gotta love those childhood dreams XD;;;
    I enjoyed reading this :D ~

    1. XD Yep! I related more to animals than to people so I wanted to become one... I was a pretty weird kid. And turned into a weird adult. But at least I have fun. ;)

      Thanks for reading and liking! ^_^

  3. Your childhood dreams are so much better than mine ;__; Although right now I dream abouy being a pirate (the Jack Sparrow kind, not the modern pirate..)! I might say that my dreams have gotten more silly as I grew up and I was pretty ratiobal and stern as a kid XD For many others, it is thr other way around...
    And gaaaah!!1! Han Solo ~♡ Please post a review/photo spam post of him soon! ^-^

    1. Haha, thanks! :'D I'm not sure if they were good dreams. Maybe I would have had it easier if I had more rational dreams. I was a day-dreamer and an odd kid. School-life would definitely have been easier if I had been more ordinary. Or at least fake it being an ordinary kid.

      Can't help but wonder what you dreamed of when you were a kid? :D

      Yes, I know, people tend to lose that capability of thinking out of the box when they grow up! So I'm glad it has been the opposite for you! I've never given up on that child-like way of thinking. But it's not always a good thing because sometimes I still find it hard when I have to try and act like an adult. xD

      Yeah! I'm happy you're a Han Solo-fan too! :D Yes, I'll have to take some pics of him then~ and I want to get a Wookie figure too. *^* <3

    2. And old-school pirates are the best! ^^

    3. Yarrr! :3
      I wanted to become an astronomer when I was a kid. :D Not an astrologist (I concider horoscopes to be a nice conversation piece and not anything serious) but neither an astro-physicist, but someone who catalogues stars and constellations. I was very much into the stories behind the stars and constellations, since I was very interested in Greek mythology. I still try to see Orion whenever I see a night-time sky, but unfortunately it can't be seen in the city with all the light-pollution. When I lived outside the city the nights were blacker and I could just lay on the grass and look at the stars. :)