Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter! And Challenge Accepted!

Happy Easter, everyone!

Yay I got a tag from Tiinyan! And even though I'm taking it slow with the doll hobby at the moment (...or planning to do so...) I'm OPEN TO TAGS! So if you want to tag me, don't hesitate!! *yells into the void* xD
This tag had some Easter-themed questions too, so I thought it was fitting to post it on Easter.

Tämä on englanninkielinen versio tästä postaukesta, lue postaus suomeksi täältä!

1. Do you ever buy chocolate surprise eggs? If yes, what kind?

- Yes well... I love this kind of stuff so yeah! Or at least I used to... Lately surprise eggs have had stupid and useless surprises (like cheap-looking plastic bracelets and puzzles. I want little figures!)disgusting stuff that tries to pass as "chocolate". So I tend to buy Kinder eggs because I like the chocolate and sometimes the surprises are OK too. I like animal figurines best.

I was super-disappointed that the My Little Pony- and Littlest Petshop -eggs didn't have little figurines as surprises. Meh!

Otherwise I buy quality chocolate, German brands mostly.

2. Any plans for summer?

- Working (hopefully), trying to write my thesis, spending time at our summer house, swimming, going for long bicycle-rides with my dear Hamilton the bike... And I'd really like to go to the Särkänniemi amusement park, as it's been a while since the last time!

...and possibly having fun with a new friend? ;) This little guy was visiting us last week, to see how he'd like to come and live with us. His owners can't take care of him anymore, so hopefully he might be coming to live with us if all goes well! I have some training to do with him and he's suffering from separation anxiety a bit, but I think we'll work it out fine if he moves in! So far it's looking good.

3. What doll have you taken a liking to recently?

- Animal dolls have stolen my heart! Safir kindly brought these adorable corgi dolls from DearMine doll to my attention.

And if we are talking about the dolls I own, my dream come true, my own Hujoo Penny, the Fennec fox!

4. What was your favorite toy when you were a kid?

- Toy animals! I've loved dogs ever since I was very little so I had a collection of toy dogs that was very precious to me.

Plushies have always been my favorite toys. I used to have two special plushie friends when I was little. One was Remu, a plush dog my greatgrandfather gave me. Remu went with me everywhere. Here's a picture I took of an old photograph of Remu when he was with us motor-boating in the archipelago of Turku, somewhere in the 1990's. He had a life-vest of his own!

The other important plushie-friend of mine was "Heppa" (or Horsie in Finnish), a little brown plush pony I got while in Germany.

My Little Ponies swept me away when I was a little older. I got my first pony for my 4th birthday from my grandparents. Here's another old photograph from my childhood.

I remember that my dad asked me to arrange all my ponies so that we could take a picture. The Paradise Estate in this picture has to be the most memorable Christmas present from my childhood, I remember I was so happy tat I got it! This is my pony collection somewhere in the 1990's, at its largest. I still have all of these ponies in my possession, some I even have on display at my parents' place and some at my apartment.

I never liked dolls when I was a kid. Especially baby dolls were an abomination. My sister had dolls so I did play with them a little but usually I just enjoyed playing with my toy animals.

5. If you'd magically turn into a doll, what kind of a doll would you like to be? (for example, what size, would you have any fantasyparts, what skin color would you be... etc.)

- I had to give this one a little thought, but now that I got it it's so clear! I would like to be the doll-version of my "alter-ego", InuKeisuke. I use him as my avatar in many places.

I'd probably be SD-sized (60cm) or if I were a chibi-InuKeisuke, I'd be Teenie Gem sized (26cm). I'd have resin dog ears and a dog tail that would attach with magnets. I'd have either normal skin or slightly tanned resin. I'd have huge puppydog eyes and and either a little flustered and shy expression or a very excited and happy expression. Or maybe I'd have faceplates for both expressions? (sounds creepy! XD)

I'd have an army "dogtag" necklace as a bonus and maybe a body pillow with Akira's (from Togainu no Chi) picture in it.

6. A movie you saw last? Did you like it?

- The Boy. Hmmm... well it was entertaining enough and had a few jump-scares like a good horror movie should have. But I didn't like how it ended... so, I guess it was OK, but it could have been better.

The best thing about the whole movie night was that I went to see it with my best friend and afterwards we had some Chinese and went to my place to drink tea and watch an old and cheesy Goosebumps-TV series from Netflix! It was a lot of fun! (Does this count into themovie experience too, haha?)

7. What is your worst doll mishap?

- Well, probably that one time I was photographing Bram my Dikadoll Adler and he fell on his side. And got some scratches.

I can't think of anything more shocking than that. Pretty boring actually...

8. What can be found under your bed?

- Plastic boxes filled with papers and stuff that have yet to be organized. No, I'm not going to take pictures! :'D
Sometimes manga-books or a book I've been reading before going to bed. Maybe a dog will sleep under my bed soon?! Although this dog likes to sleep in the bed, at my feet. Awww..

9. Are you listening to any music at the moment? If yes, what song is playing now?

- Yes, I almost always listen to music when I'm on my computer. I'll list a few songs that I'm listening on repeat lately!

I've been very into Persona 4 lately so I'm mostly listening to the soundtrack of the game.

Heaven is constantly playing in my head! I really like he feeling this song gives me. Long live Engrish lyrics!

I discovered FEMM a little while back.
I really like their music! So catchy! (Heh, I might be a little late on this? But I mostly only listen to game and anime-music, religious music and obscure electronic music so I'm never on te chart of latest music groups...)

Do It, Try It by M83. This song just makes me feel good? I just love electronic music. Also, that dog is cute and it's hypnotic to watch him lip-synch the lyrics! XD

Amazing A Cappella- versions of Persona 4's songs! <3 Only human voices as instruments, sounds almost like electronic music at some points!

I'd love to go to a concert where they'd sing A Cappella versions of different game soundtracks!

10. What are you planning to do tomorrow?

- I've got work at the church in the morning and after that I'll just spend the rest of the day off. Probably going to clean up my apartment a little, go have dinner at my parents' and fill out my Hobonichi visual journal since I've skipped a few days.

Noa-chan's Easter Loot.

11. Have you ever been to 'virpoa'? How did it go? (virpoa (according to Wikipedia)
  1. (folk tradition) to wish another person health and happiness on Palm Sunday by tapping them lightly with a willow twig and chanting a rhyme.
  2. (currrently) to perform a similar act from door to door disguised as a witch; done by children in quest for candy.
Consider virpominen as somewhat similar to trick-or-treating on Halloween. But instead of Halloween, it's done on Palm Sunday. And in Finland. And if you don't give candy to the kids, they won't do a trick and cover your lawn with toilet paper. Instead YOU WILL HAVE BAD LUCK FOR ALL ETERNITY AAAHAHAHAHAAHA! ...well not quite.

Sadly, I've never been to virpoa when I was a kid. My sister and her friend used to go, but I was too small to go with them they said. And the next year they were too old for it and I didn't want to go alone. Sigh. We *do* have a photograph of my sister and her friend dressed up as witches about to go to virpoa and me as a cat, with whiskers painted on my face.

To tell you the truth, I'm a little bitter that I never got the chance to go virpoa. And now I'm too old, it would be embarrassing. :'D


I'm not going to pass the tag on to anyone since this has been around for a long time. But if you're feeling like answering some questions, I'll just leave these here. They are from the last tag that was given to me.
Actually I find these questions pretty interesting, so I'd be happy if anyone gets inspired to answer them!

1. Fantasy or science fiction? Or both? Or neither? (if neither what genre do you like?)
2. Who or what is your childhood hero? Do you still look up to them?
3. What fictional character do you love to hate?
4. Three things that make you happy? (or more if you get inspired!)
5. What movie/TV-show did you watch last? How did you like it?
6. Your favorite restaurant/shop? Tell us a little about it! (online shops can be included!)
7. What kind of things do you keep always with you? Or do you have such things?
8. What kind of music do you listen to?
9. Do you believe in magic? (the nature of magic not defined. Feel free to come up with your own definition for it!)
10. Internet memes! Like 'em or hate 'em? Favorite/least favorite meme?
11. What do you think about tattoos? Do you have one(or more)? If you would get one what kind of    a tattoo would it be?
Thanks for reading! 'Til next time!


  1. Happy Easter! It's too bad the MLP eggs didn't have figures ;_; so sad.
    Both dogs are adorable~~ I had no idea a company had released corgi puppies! So cute. I am waiting for a Shiba Inu BJD!

    Your MLP collection when you were young was amazinggg x3 it's so cool to look at old photos like this!
    Virpoa sounds like an interesting (and scary?) tradition, haha! Actually I do believe we have a similar one in my country, it's just not very widely celebrated. xD
    Great to read this and happy to know you're still doing tags and such! :D

    1. Happy Easter to you too! :) Yes, it was a disappointment to just get some lousy stickers from the MLP eggs. :1 I would have expected some *awesome* stickers at the least!

      I didn't know about the corgies before Safir mentioned them to me either! I haven't been following what doll companies have released lately as I'm trying to cut back my doll shopping... but I just might fall for the corgis. x3 I've wanted non-furry animal BJDs and especially dogs for so long.

      Ohhhh! A Shiba BJD!!! Congrats! <3 <3 I love Shibas so much! My friend might get a real one! What company is the Shiba doll from? I hope you'll introduce him on your blog when he arrives?

      Haha,yeah... I had forgotten I had such a huge collection of Ponies... Yes, I love looking at old photos. Although it makes me regret we haven't had time to make real photo albums from the recent years. Almost all photos are digital now.

      Virpoa (or virpominen, Finnish is a very tricky language ;D ) is not a scary tradition really. Although some people think that kids shouldn't dress up as witches because that is herecy... I think dressing up as Easter witches is in good humour and these are good witches, not bad ones.

      Ohh you do have a similar tradition? Please tell me about it, I'm very interested in traditions! :)

      Thankies~ :)

  2. Happy Easter with some delay; ///////;
    Wow, Easter eggs are cute, but it's a shame that there were so few; ___; I see that you liked the dogs of this page, the truth is that they are precious, btw, the measure? O.o sure you get one soon * w *
    I really liked your post, very interesting, like all others, hahaha ~ <3

    1. Thanks! :)
      Dogs are awesome, I just love them. The dog in the pic is a small one and I'm thinking of getting a smaller dog first and maybe then few years later a bigger one. I love big and small dogs alike but a smaller dog would suit my current life situation better.

      Thanks for liking my post! I really appreciate it! ^-^

  3. I share your pain for those MLP eggs >_< I bought two in hopes of getting something neat, but no, plastic wrist bands from both... All the surprises have gone straight to the bin recently...

    1. Meh... yeah, that's the way it is. Can't be helped.