Friday, May 16, 2014

Yumeka's First Convention!

花:  わくわくしているよね~!
Yumeka: I'm so excited~!
Yumeka: Olenpas innoissani~!

We're going to a local convention, Kikucon with Yumeka tomorrow! The venue is at my former highschool, so I'm kind of visiting the past too. I had the best time in highschool so I have good memories from that time and place.
So excited, I love the con-atmosphere! :3 You can expect a convention-report sometime after the weekend.

Olemme Yumekan kanssa menossa Kikuconiin Turussa huomenna, tulkaa ihmeessä moikkaamaan jos törmätään! Olen itse käynyt Turun Klassikossa lukioni, joten tämä on omalta osalta vierailu menneisyyteen myöskin. Lukiossa oli just parasta, joten minulla on kosolti hyviä muistoja siitä ajasta ja paikasta.
Olen innoissani, tykkään conitunnelmasta! :3 Tulossa siis lähitulevaisuudessa coniraportti-postaus, jeejee.


  1. Yeah, we'll definitely be seeing there :) And I'm so looking forward to cuddling Yumeka again, she's such a swetheart!

    I'm bringing my namesake doll with me today, he's not such a sweetheart, even if I dressed him up into the most anime-shonen-weeaboo-outfit I could muster XD (Weeaboo with all the best intentions, no ill will towards anyone else meant by this.)

    1. This reply comes a bit late, but I really enjoyed your company in the con! And Fyrd - the doll's and Yuffie's too! ^3^
      Haha, I loved Fyrd's shota-outfit! :D Please take proper pics of him in that outfit (or have you already taken some? It escapes me...)
      Heh, I'm thinking more and more that I might qualify as a weeaboo... although I know decent amount of Japanese, am not of the touchy-feely-glompy weeb-type or creepy weeb type (or at least I think I'm no creepy but you never know...). I just might love some shows, manga, characters and games a little too much (*cough* DRAMAtical Murder and Togainu no Chi *cough*) too much to be considered really sane. Ha... hahahaa. :'D