Saturday, December 15, 2012

14th & 15th December - ChristmasDadaism - Spicasmagoria Advent Calendar

MeatGrinder included
A Little man lives here

(A small causeria at a Finnish Newspaper. "Personally I can't understand people who don't want "unnecessary trinkets" for Christmas. How can it be possible that someone aready has everything they could hope for? You can NEVER have enough champagne.

When you are Christmas-shopping for the presents to your children, please remember one thing; Gender Neutrality. If a doll is wearing a frilled dress, she must come with a laser saber in her hand for compensation."
My New Pirate-Mittens <3 Uudet Piraattilapaseni <3

Snowtrail. Lumipolku.
Dadaism in;


The dadaists imitated the techniques developed during the cubist movement through the pasting of cut pieces of paper items, but extended their art to encompass items such as transportation tickets, maps, plastic wrappers, etc. to portray aspects of life, rather than representing objects viewed as still life.


The Dadaists – the "monteurs" (mechanics) – used scissors and glue rather than paintbrushes and paints to express their views of modern life through images presented by the media."
                                                                                           ~*Wikipedia article on Dadaism


Dadaismista Wikipedia-artikkelissa;



Kannattajiensa mukaan dada ei ollut taidetta, se oli antitaidetta. Dadan tehtävä oli olla kaiken sen vastakohta, mitä taide edusti. Taiteeseen kuului estetiikka, dada hylkäsi sen. Jos taiteessa oli tarkoitus olla edes piilevä merkitys, dadan pyrkimys oli olla täydellisen viestitöntä - dadan tulkinta riippuu täysin katsojasta. Jos taiteen tehtävä oli olla sovittelevaa, dadan tehtävä oli loukata. Ehkä siinä tapauksessa on ironista, että dada oli nykytaiteen edeltäjä. Dadasta tuli taiteen ja maailman kommentaari, ja siten muuttui itsekin taiteeksi."

Just a couple of things from the last two days. If this made sense to you please tell me your story~

Muutama asia viime kahdelta päivältä. Jos sait tästä selvää, ole hyvä ja kerro minulle tarinasi~


  1. "Sisältää lihamyllyn". Eh, näyttää vieläpä melko paljon siltä että tuo mystinen objekti vasemmassa alakulmassa on lihamylly...
    Luettuani tuosta dadaismista, minusta alkaa tuntua siltä että tässä pitäisi keksiä Dada- niminen hahmo.

    1. Lihamyllyt on yksiä parhaita ihmiskunnan keksintöjä kautta aikain~ :3 Jopa nimi kuulostaa hienolta, niin englanniksi kuin suomeksi...
      Ai-van, Dada niminen hahmo olis ykkönen epäsovinnaisuudessa. :-)

  2. You asked for it, so... The story of the pictures:

    First Spica is sprawled on a fatboy, leisurely eyeing a fatboy-themed snowball-watchamacallit and thinking that fatboy’s thoughts are bullshit in the end. Because Spica, who is very busy, gets envious of fatboy, she seeks for a nice way to get rid of him. Meat grinder is a great deal for such needs.
    When the deed is done, Spica throws a party --- of course the place had to be decorated for that. Now, because celebrating can be exhausting, Spica gets hungry. She headed for a restaurant, but because she didn’t feel like eating some precious story-characters, she left without a bite and ended up buying a bag of caramels. She was rather humored by it, that the candies came in the shapes of frogs, mushrooms and bananas. After all, she had good imagination skills.
    Being tipsy from all the sugar, Spica hits the road and goes to gamble all of her money. Of course, Gold-Jack wins. The girl with a basket full of mushrooms is giggling, but no one knows is it because she likes to laugh at losers, or because she ate some of her basket’s contents.
    With empty pockets Spica is about to leave, but then she finds a coin. “Lucky!” she exclaims --- and ends up buying a card she thinks is perfect fit to be Xavier’s door sign. Back at home, Spica finds a group of angelic creatures trying to rob her house, but fortunately Gakupo, as a samurai, won’t allow such dirty acts and defends the house honorably. When the mock-angels are defeated, Spica sits down to read a newspaper. While reading, she gets suddenly the craves for useless trinkets, champagne and frill-dressed dolls with laser sabers.
    Then Spica hears a knock on the door. Post-boy delivered her a package. When Spica opens it, she finds that Gold-Jack had send her a death threat stating that if Spica didn’t continue wasting money on his game, he would tip toe into Spica’s house at night with a knife in his hand. Spica laughs this of, because her samurai friend Gakupo is good enough to keep nutcases away from her, and then Spica makes mittens out of the fabric the death threat was knitted on. “They are perfect! I love skulls!” she smiles. With her new mittens in hand, she goes out, buys three bottles of champagne, drinks all of them on her way back home, and leaves a peculiar trail on the snowy ground when she crawls on all fours after her legs gave up on her, too much like wet noodle after a long day and too much champagne.
    When back indoors, she goes to sleep, mittens still in her hands and Gakupo placed in watch.

    The end.

    1. X'''D Yesh~ Stories where I star as the main character are the best. :3
      EEE-yup, sounds like a normal day in the life of Spica. ^3^

      ...except for one thing; I'd definitely eat Bengal's Batman.

      Thanks a lot for this, I was entertained a plenty~