Saturday, December 14, 2013

Happy Birthday, Ciel Phantomhive! - Spicasmago Advent Calendar 14

Ciel: "Feh... another birthday? I'm not interested..."

Spica: "Phew! I caught up with my Advent calendar posting! Whee! Now let's have some of that cake!"

Ciel: "Be my guest, it's plastic anyway."


Ciel: "Pah, taasko yksi syntymäpäivä? Ei kiinnosta..."

Spica: "Huh! Sain joulukalenteripostaukseni repsahduksen kiinni! Jee! Nyt maistetaan sitä kakkua!"

Ciel: "Siitä vaan se on muovia."


  1. Ihana postaus tämäkin, suloinen c:

    1. Kiitos kommentista! <3 Kiva että tykkäät! ^3^

  2. I'm so jealous of your Ciel Nendo! That boy is sooo cute :3

    1. Hihi, I'd be jealous too if I didn't have a Ciel of my own. ;'D (Sorry, but I would, really)
      I actually got pretty late into Kuroshitsuji and at that time almost all the Ciel and Sebastian Nendoroids were sold out from retailers (and their prices at eBay are..pretty high to say the least. And I'm wary of buying Nendos from eBay since there are so many bootlegs for sale there.)

      But luckily I at last found a retailer that had one of each KuroNendo! ^__^ I couldn't believe my luck, I still remember the day that I went to the post office to pick the parcel that contained these guys. I believe I was happiest of the Kuroshit- Nendoroids than any other figure that I have. :3