Thursday, December 12, 2013

Santa's Little Helpers - Spicasmago Advent Calendar 10

Santa's little helpers, Nia and Rudolph.
(I love this little reindeer plush toy. :3)


Pukin pikku apurit, Nia ja Petteri.
(Tykkään hurjasti tästä pienestä poropehmolelusta. :3)


  1. Nia is so cute! And I love the fabric you've got on the bg, it gives a nice illusion of a starry sky or something :)

    1. Thanks! (and her cuteness is your doing on a large part, haha! :''D)
      I like the fabric too, but my camera seems to get "distracted" by too much bling bling, as it is hard to focus on the doll.